QR code reading – opening

Reading QR codes is simple and requires only a few basic functions on your phone.

To read QR codes, you need a device with a camera (e.g. tablet, smartphone). Most of today's devices can scan a QR code from the camera app.
If the device you are using does not have this function, you will need to download a QR code reader app that can extract information from what resembles a square made of dots.

In the app store of devices running mobile operating systems, you can download a number of qr code reader apps to start reading codes immediately. Reading the qr code

Reading the qr code

Depending on the data generated in the QR code, for example for marketing purposes, we may need some kind of internet connection to access the URL in the QR code. But it may also be necessary, for example, when opening dynamic codes, where the data traffic usually passes through an intermediate station. Unlike the static code that can be generated in our system, the dynamic code data can be changed - but it is usually subscription-based.
There is no charge for the static codes generated on our website and the content can be used indefinitely - but if it changes, you will need to create a new code and of course, replace the forms that had your old code on them.

In addition to the URL, the qr code can contain text, contact details, geographic information, and much more. The code was not designed for this purpose, but user ingenuity has spurred developers to create new features.

In general, any smartphone with a usable camera can read QR codes. The resolution of the camera is basically irrelevant for code reading, but from a - technical point of view, it is important to note that an imaging system with a resolution of fewer than 2 megapixels will have difficulty or even no ability to read a QR code with a dense encoding of less than 2 cm. As code-reading applications require a certain contrast difference between the dots forming the code and the background, flash or mobile light can be a useful addition in low light conditions to get a sufficiently sharp image.

Once all the technical requirements are in place, all you have to do is open the QR code reader app and point your phone's camera at the code you want to read. The program then decides whether any user interaction is required, but usually, as soon as the program recognises a QR code, the information stored in it is decoded. Once decoded, the application can display the data on the screen.