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Individual QR design

Create your own customised QR code!
With our free generator you can easily encode a business card, your website address or even text information. You can use the generated code freely, without an expiry date.

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Multiple uses

By using the qr-code, you can reach your prospective customers and target groups quickly across multiple media, saving space for additional valuable content. We support your goals with usage tips and proven marketing ideas.

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Numerous platforms

The generated codes can be technically utilized on a wide range of offline surfaces, from very small to giant posters, thanks to the uncompromised quality of the PNG image file and SVG vector file. Use it freely!

Custom qr-code creation, image and vector qr-code generation.

Use the potential of the code; increase the sales volume and popularity of your business!
It's very easy to do, as you can place this handy little set of squares on many offline interfaces. Since it's so well known, you can be sure that scanning it is a quick and easy solution for anyone who is seriously interested in your business.